Why adopt?

The simplest reason is that there are too many unwanted animals already awaiting a forever home.

There is no need to breed or buy more.

Myth – rescue animals have something wrong with them.
Reality – this is FALSE. Rescue animals often end up in rescue due to no fault of their own.

Their owners often look to give away their animals because they are moving, have too little time, it’s too much of a responsibility, have a new baby, a new partner, another new pet or the kids have lost interest in them. Sadly for pocket pets, the reality of it is the fact that *the novelty has worn off* and they are no longer wanted.

Did you know:
– that when you adopt a rescued animal, it has seen a vet and has been spayed
or neutered?
– that we provide post adoption support for housing, care and behavioural issues

If you buy a rabbit from a pet store it will cost you around $40. You then have to spay & neuter it which will cost another $120-200. A rescued animal can be adopted, already altered for $60. We also know the personalities of all of our animals so that we can better match you with the animal that is right for you and your family.

Because there are so many unwanted animals, we often struggle with the heartache of not being able to find a home for all the animals needing one. Good Night Precious by Jim Willis 2002 describes the struggle we often feel when we are unable to help out the non-no-kill shelters that go over capacity with their small animals.

Good Night Precious

Before you die, unwanted one,
I swear there was no way,
I tried – I did! I promise…
I cried, I cursed, I prayed.

I mailed, I called, I pleaded,
for one to make room for you,
but only Heaven responded,
and there you’ll find your due.

You’ve the most honest eyes I’ve ever seen,
a heart so loyal and true –
but our society has decided,
you’ve no purposed or value.

I wish I could change things,
you’ve been wronged – it is not right!
But all I can offer, Precious….
a gentle passing into that good night.

There are many unwanted animals in our care, and in the care of shelters everywhere.  Please consider giving one of these animals a kind and loving home.

If you’d like to learn more about our adoption process, please click here.