Trapper’s story is absolutely horrific.

In July, a couple in Richmond heard a terrible scream coming from outside of their house. It was so horrible that they actually heard it from all the way inside their home. Immediately they ran out to see what the problem was. They live in a residential neighbourhood so initially they thought that perhaps a child was injured.

To their horror when they got out into the yard, they saw a wee little grey rabbit with her front leg caught in a LEG HOLD TRAP. She had dragged herself and the trap into their yard. The trap was so powerful that it left poor Trapper’s tiny arm dangling by just a tendon. If you’ve ever heard a rabbit scream, it is something that you will “never” forget.

Sadly Trapper had been struggling in the trap so much that it left her arm stripped bare to the bone all the way up to her shoulder. She was rushed by an awesome volunteer to the clinic where her leg was immediately amputated. Luckily for her, and to our amazement, this little trooper was strong enough to under go and make it through the surgery.

Only a week after her surgery, Trapper was now up and about and literally into everything. Nothing stops this curious little one. As fate has it, she’s even been lucky enough to meet a very handsome neutered male named Bugsy. The two quickly fell for each other and are now living together as a bonded couple.