No-waste Hay Racks

These wooden hay racks are hand-made by our volunteers. The wire mesh helps keep the hay in, while a generously-sized opening makes for convenient access to delicious hay. The front panel swings open to make it easier to load. All edges are carefully sanded, filed, or protected to remove any sharp corners. All units are approximately 25 cm (10″) tall and 17.5 cm (7″) deep. Widths range from 15 cm (6″) to 60 cm (24″).

Due to the variability of shipping costs, please email us at to place an order. We will be able to quote you the best shipping price via Canada Post / USPS to your address. Shipping is not included in the prices below.

Single Hay Rack

1-wide hay rack; great for one bunny, or a bunny with a friend.

Double Hay Rack

2-wide hay rack; excellent for two rabbits who don’t like to share. $35

Triple Hay Rack

3-wide hay rack; perfect for people with a bonded group. $40

Quadraplex Hay Rack

4-wide hay rack; it holds a lot of hay for a lot of bunnies! $45