Lucas came to us as he was recently surrendered to a local shelter. He was brought into them because a woman had seen him being shaken by a dog. Thankfully she was able to scare the dog off and scoop up Lucas.

We can’t imagine the terror the poor guy felt. We are just so glad that he made it out alive. The poor guy….when we first saw him we noticed that he had a funny limp, a few scratches and some sort of membrane covering his eyes. We weren’t sure initially if he was blind or not.

When we took Lucas into the vet it was discovered that he has what is known as persistent papillary membrane. The vet felt he can probably see a bit and has had this condition since birth. Can you imagine, the poor Lucas having to live out in the wild, alone and unable to see properly? It’s amazing that he had even survived at all as the area he was found in was highly wooded. In addition to his eye problems, he also has some sort of neurogenic condition that is causing the weakness in his back leg. The limp could have been caused by an injury to his back while being shaken by the dog. At this point, we are just waiting to see if it will resolve itself.

Lucas quickly recovered. He got around well and ate up a storm. He needed a quiet approach and someone gentle as he could easily be startled if he cannot see you. We were giving him time to rest & recuperate and then he was neutered as he found a forever home!

Unfortunately Lucas passed away a few months after he went to his forever home. He was such a wonderful guy… we miss him!!