“Oh – and by the way, ….she has a lump under her chin”

Those were the last words the owner told me just as I was about to shut my car door, after he handed me the carrier.

Kody & Dakota just came back to me a year after being adopted thru SARS. In October 2004, I took Dakota to meet Kody, an owned bunny that came all the way to BC with her owner from the East coast. They had a great free range set up and they quickly bonded.

Then this summer we babysat the pair for her while she went on vacation. When she came back she as asked if we knew anyone who could take them…she then had a friend to take them. I told her if he can’t keep them to let me know…well 2 weeks ago… I got the call. He doesn’t have time for them so he needs me to take them. Fine – because who knows where they’d end up.

Anyways, I take the carrier, hear what he says and when I get home, I open up the carrier and Kody pops out and give me a big lick on the face. For those who know bunnies, this is somewhat rare and a very big compliment 😉

Then I saw the LUMP…it was NO lump – it was a grapefruit!!! I take her to the vet and he tells me it’s very bad news…one of the worst cases of osteomylitis he has ever seen and that she will have to be euthanized. The cancer was everwhere in her jaw and neck.

Now the part that really makes me ANGRY I am the one, who this Saturday, will have to hold her close while I watch the life fade from her eyes, feel her breathing slowly stop and watch her head gently come to a rest….I am the one who will tell her I am sorry and that I wish I could do more for her……

d**n them, d**n them, d**n them…..how could they do that to their pet????

Kody was getting all the junk food she wanted for a few days and was put to sleep on Saturday, October 29 2005. RIP little angel!