Angel – so young and so tiny….a true angel.

Angel came to us on Tuesday, June 21st. It was late at night when the neighbour of one of our foster parents called us asking for help. They had been out that night and on their way home, on the side of the road, they spotted a little brown something on the side of the road. They quickly pulled over and realized this little Angel was a wee little bunny that was injured and in need of immediate care.

Thankfully they acted quickly and took her to a local emergency clinic. It was after 11pm when the clinic called us and asked if we could take this little bunny on. The vet said he would wait until we got there before he went home and so of course we were quickly off to meet this precious little Angel.

When we arrived at the clinic, Angel was comfortably tucked away and sleeping in a kennel. She had a bad injury to the back of her neck and around to the side of her face. It was hard to tell what happened to her exactly. The vet said there were no broken bones and she didn’t show any signs of a head injury.

When Angel got home, we fed her and she readily ate. She then settled in for the night and awoke the next morning looking forward to her breakfast. She was fed and then taken to a nursing mother that we had taken in a few weeks before. Things seemed to be going well for our Angel but sadly she quietly passed away the following day.

Even though we only knew her for 3 days, she touched all of our hearts. Her poor little body was unable to withstand the trauma it endured but at least she passed away knowing she was warm & cozy, had a full belly and was loved. She didn’t have to die alone, at the side of a road….It was sad to see her pass but we know that she is now living up to her namesake and is a *tiny rabbit angel* watching down on all of her other rabbit friends on earth…watching & hoping that they find love and happiness in their lives.

We had a very short time with you little one, but we loved you while you were with us & we will miss you.