Animals Available For Adoption and the Adoption Process

We have lots of GREAT animals available for adoption. We try to keep our listings as up to date as possible but please check with us if you have any questions.
You can view our animals who are looking for their forever homes by clicking on the links below:

The Adoption Process

A majority of our animals in rescue are in foster homes. We do not have a public shelter. That way our animals are far better socialized when housed in a home environment and get a lot more one on one attention than if they were in a shelter. We get to know their personalities a lot better as well which helps us find a good match for your family. Not every animal will fit in with every family – We want to make sure that this will be a good match for everybody involved so that everybody is happy for many years to come!

To view any of our animals in rescue, you will need to go to our screening process first to make sure you would be a suitable home as we want to protect the privacy of our wonderful foster homes who open up their homes and hearts to an animal in need. We care immensely about any of our animals in rescue and we want to make sure that they go to a good home.

The first step to start the screening process is for you to fill out an application and email it back to us. There is a link on all the profiles where you can download the application or there’s a list of all the different applications which can be found below.

After we receive your online application, one of our volunteers will contact you to review your application, set up a home check and once your application is approved to help you make arrangmeents to visit the animal you are interested in adopting. Please remember that we are 100% volunteer run, we don’t have any paid staff. So our volunteer time is fit in between our own families, jobs and other obligations, but we will get to you as soon as we can!

Adoption fees:

  • Rabbits: $100 (includes spay/neuter & vaccine)
  • Guinea pigs: $15
  • Rats: $15 each & $25/pair or $100 each (if spayed or neutered)
  • Hamsters: $5
  • Gerbils: $5
  • Degus: $10
  • Chinchillas: $50
  • Hedgehogs: $50
  • Ferrets: $90

Adoption Forms

We require that everybody who is interested in adoption fill out an application which helps us screen homes and hopefully find the perfect match.

So if you’re interested in adopting a pet, please download the specific application, fill it out and email it back to us at or the contact listed on the Petfinder listing of the specific animal you’d like to adopt.

Adoption application for rabbits

Adoption application for guinea pigs

Adoption application for ferrets

Adoption application for rats

Adoption application for birds

Adoption application for chinchillas

Adoption application for degus

Adoption application for gerbils

Adoption application for hamsters

Adoption application for hedgehogs

Adoption application for mice

Adoption application for turtles – generally we do not have turtles and only cross post for other rescues/owners